Saturday, October 13, 2007

Oh Yeah, By the Way . . .

We have a daughter now. I don't think that's news to anyone who reads this page, since I think all of you have either been emailed, seen it on our other pages or whatever. Anyway, Joanna Elisabeth is almost 2 months old now (no one's ever accused me of being prompt). I gotta say, this face counteracts any frustration caused by sleepless nights, diapers (which are surprisingly better than expected) or long-range spit-up. Everybody says she favors me (sorry about that, kiddo), which I guess means that I look like a girl, not that my brothers hadn't already told me that. Misty definitely passed on her mouth and personality (yay! we don't need another reserved, passive-aggressive just yet). "Joanna-chan" is quite the attention-getter, and we've caused a few pile-ups on the sidewalks here, but we can't be blamed for that because Hiroshimans pay attention to where they're walking about as well as Lynchburg(-ians? -ers? -ites?) pay attention to where they're driving. Anyway, we'll put pictures up from time to time, but if you want more, your best bet is to find us on facebook. This one's worth far more than a 1000 words, and was accompanied by many "goos", or in Joanna's case, "uh-goooos".
Oh, and remember how in that last post I said that Misty was super tough? She pulled this off all natural with only 5 hours between the first labor pain and the first kisses for our little girl. She capped it off with, "I kept thinking, 'the real pain will come any minute'".