Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Piece of History

Hiroshima is most famous for being the city where the first Atomic Bomb was dropped. Located next to the Motoyasu river, the A-bomb Dome is the former Industrial Promotion Hall. It was almost directly below the bomb's hypocenter. It is believed that the dome absorbed most of the impact from the explosion, preventing the the Hall from being completely destroyed. It is now the only remaining building present during the explosion.

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cmiracle said...

We love that peace park area. Of all the places we've had the opportunity to visit, we liked Hiroshima the best. It just seems so green and warm! We're still having cold weather up here in Utusnomiya and are dying to wear our short sleeve T's and sandals, but I guess that time will come soon enough. We're still praying for you guys down there and for what God is doing through you. Thanks for sending the prayer requests via email!