Monday, June 26, 2006

Maturity? . . . Bah!

Well, it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out who posted this one. At first, I was unsure about whether or not to post this, as I don't want people to think that I'm making fun of them. However, as I pondered the many mistakes I've made in Japanese, such as "I'm a billboard," "I like to drink the newspaper while reading the morning coffee," and my personal favorite, "Give me a toilet, please," my crisis of conscience vanished. The emotional wounds inflicted upon me because of those and countless other mistakes demand that I tip the scales back in favor of the good guys. Some of you may notice a common theme in most of these pictures. These are actually some of the cleaner of the Engrish signs we've seen. 'Nuff said, Enjoy the Engrish.


jj said...

I am always interested to still see posts like this, I swear after living here for so long I simply do not notice these things and it always surprizes me when they are pointed out like this where I live!
You get used to going the DIK diy shop and other crazy names that you just adopt as normal once you have been here for a while despite the fact that you really should be surprised everytime you see it.

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! Brandi Y.