Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween party

Here in Japan, most people don't really know much about Halloween, so we had a Halloween party at an international gathering I regularly attend. Luckily, Misty and I had ordered a pumpkin (only $18.00 :/) ahead of time. Yeah that's a bit expensive, but it was a lot of fun sharing a bit of home with our Japanese friends. Most of them had never seen a western pumpkin, let alone a jack-o-lantern. In the picture to the right, one of our friends is trying his hand at removing the seeds. In the lower left picture, our "design the face" contest winner is sketching his winning design. And up top, we put my rasta wig on the finished product with the lights out. The picture has a trail from the jack-o-lantern's glow, which I think makes it extra spooky. Anyway, after that we sat in a circle with only the pumpkin for light and told ghost stories. It took a little while for everybody to catch on, but once we got them started they really got into it. Before the party started, Misty and I were a little worried that it wouldn't catch on, but in the end, it was all good fun.

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